I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. My mom would always take my brother and me to the Catholic church. Growing up, I started seeing it as an obligation. Since I didn’t enjoy going, I would pretend that I was asleep or would give the excuse of having too much schoolwork to go. Even though I didn’t like church, I liked God enough to tell my mother before coming to college that “I am afraid of losing the little I have with God.” I thought I had a small relationship with God, but I was just fooling myself.

During my first fall semester, I met a campus minister. She had stopped me on campus to ask me some questions that led to her inviting me to church. I went to church and I remember her kindness and everyone being welcoming and friendly. During worship, I had felt the presence of God for the first time. I was worshiping with all my heart and crying. During the song called “Surrender” I realized I had to surrender and accept Jesus as my Savior, so I did. What really convicted me to surrender my life was the desire to have a relationship with Jesus and learning that I was separated from Him and needed Him. I started doing a Bible Study with campus minister and her friend who was also from Puerto Rico to learn more of what a Christian life should look like. Not long after, I got baptized and joined Cornerstone.

Knowing that others don’t have a relationship with Jesus breaks my heart. As I have been learning to walk as a Christian based on the Word of God, I get to share the Gospel on campus, lead Bible studies, go on mission trips, and I even did a praise speech about Jesus in my public speaking class! I really enjoy sharing with others the gift of salvation that God has made available to them. I have a relationship with Jesus, and nothing will break it. God has filled my life with joy and has continuously shown His love and His faithfulness towards me.


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