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During the first half of my senior year at the University of South Florida I found

myself praying for a new community. At this point in my life I only had my academic cohorts, most of which did not share the same ideology. I felt drained and unhappy with my life which was entirely related to my inconsistent relationship with God and a lack of a good Christian community.

After weeks of praying, I got a phone call from one of my roommates telling me that there is an event with food at my apartment complex. It wasn’t the most convenient timing because I was in my car on the way to school, but I was oddly interested so I turned around and went to the event. The event was planned by Chris & hosted by Cornerstone. I immediately knew that this was meant for me and that I was witnessing God answer my prayers.

Shortly after the event I became an active member of Cornerstone and joined a Bible study where I learned the importance of getting baptized. This particularly spoke to me because I was ready to leave behind my old life. So when my Bible study leader asked if I wanted to get baptized, I felt no hesitation. October 17, 2021 marks the day I gave my life to Christ and I’m never turning back.

I’ve seen a total change in my life. I wake up everyday ready to take up my cross.

I’m no longer interesting in the things that my old friends used to do.

I no longer have the “fear of missing out” mentally. What I focus on now is Christ and what He has for my life. In all, I’m very pleased to be a member of Cornerstone and I’m excited to see what God has in store for me.

- Justin


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