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For 5/25/24

  • We will be meeting for church today, Saturday, May 25th at 11:15am in the Embassy Suites Hotel Ballroom. We will have Children's Church. We will also be streaming, so we hope you join us in person or online.​​

  • We will have a Prayer Meeting this Friday, May 31st at 6pm in Marshall Student Center room 3707.

  • We will have church this Saturday, June 1st at 11:15 am in the Marshall Student Center Oval Theater.

  • If it’s your first time visiting us today, we’d love to connect with you! Please fill out a guest card, and someone on our staff can reach out to you. If anyone has prayer requests, you can fill them in on this card, and the pastoral team will pray for them during the week. You can also text “Guest” to (813) 949-9389.

  • In order to watch our live stream, just sign into our member site, and choose sermons from the drop down menu under your name. The live stream will be active each week slightly before 11:15. Contact Jason with any problems that arise when you try to connect to the live stream.

  • We have Bible studies available in person or by video conference. If you are interested or have any prayer requests or testimonies, please click on the Contact Us page. 

  • You can give electronically by clicking "Giving" on the menu above. We also now have the ability for you to text to give. Text the word "give" to (813) 949-9389 and you will receive a link where you can give through your mobile device.  When you give via text or through our website, credit cards and debit cards charge percentage fees to the church for each gift. If you choose the ACH/E-Check option, it eliminates the percentage fees the church is charged. We recommend that you choose this option when you give today. 

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