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Bryce's Testimony

Growing up, my relationship with God consisted of a routine of prayers and attending church every Sunday. But, despite this routine, I never came to know Jesus. Especially during undergraduate school, my weak connection with the things of God diminished as the world started to have a stronger pull in my life. I started to rely on partying, drugs, and drinking to fulfill me. In my senior year, I realized that I needed God in my life, but I didn’t know how that could happen. By God’s grace and love, He brought me to the University of South Florida to start a new life. I vividly remember the tears falling down my face as I drove to my new apartment in Tampa asking God to give me guidance and to give me the relationship I wanted to have with Him. It was during that first week of graduate school that I came upon Cornerstone Christian Church’s website and met a campus minister. He invited me to attend church and while I was at church, I instantly hungered for a relationship with God. It was through the Bible studies and the testimonies of the members of Cornerstone that I was able to surrender my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Ever since that time, I have felt the continuous presence and love of the Lord in my daily life. I am now a member of Cornerstone Christian Church and love spending time with my new brothers and sisters. I am no longer bound by the temptations that once governed my life, but now I am free to love and serve the Lord with the confidence that my heavenly Father is by my side every day. ~Bryce

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