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Nina's Testimony

Growing up in an atheist home made it difficult to find the Lord. Practicing any religion was taboo, but for some reason Christianity was especially off limits. I look back now and understand why my stepfamily was always miserable and angry with each other. My mom, however, was a Christian and she was persecuted for her beliefs by my stepfamily. The summer before I started high school I ended up going to a local church and getting saved. Shortly after that my stepmother forced me to move in with my mom.

Although I couldn’t have been happier, moving took me away from my church and it was difficult to continue growing in Christ. Later on during my first semester in college, my mom died of a heart attack. I didn’t know what to do. She was the only real family I had and I didn’t understand why the Lord would take away the only Christian in my life. That very same semester I had a roommate who was a strong Christian. She brought me to Cornerstone Christian Church and I soon began Bible studies. I learned that becoming part of the church God calls you to puts you in a new family built of faith. I became a member later that year. I am so thankful that the Lord gave me a spiritual family at the time I needed it most and continues to look after me today.

~ Nina

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