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Jessica's Testimony

Before I surrendered my life to Christ in college, I labeled myself as “a pretty good person." I am from Indonesia and I was raised in a religious family. Growing up, I thought by just following the Ten Commandments, I would be fine. I remembered vividly at the age of 10, I was even able to memorize several prayers. I celebrated Christmas and other Christian events just because my parents did so. I knew who Jesus was but I never really had a relationship with Him. Living in a country where the majority of the people are Muslims, I always got asked questions regarding my beliefs. Yet, I was not able to answer their questions. I began to doubt Christianity. I slid back and even opened myself up to different philosophies and thought that all religions teach the same thing; which is to do good in order to go to heaven. I believed that there was a God, but I questioned if that God was the “Christian God.” In August 2012 my life was completely changed. The first week before I began attending USF, two campus ministers stopped me while I was walking. They gave me a quick survey asking me about my beliefs and invited me to church. I came that Sunday and I was convicted. It is not based on my own strength to gain heaven. Through Jesus, heaven is a “free gift.” I received Him as Lord and Savior and all the doubts that I had in the beginning suddenly disappeared. My eyes were opened that it is all about relationships. For the first time I felt peace in my heart. After that moment, my life has never been the same. I became a member of Cornerstone Christian Church and I continue sharing this good news to others. I am so thankful for this ministry and how they lay down their lives for others. Without their faith and boldness, I would still be lost. I will never regret my decision to follow Jesus. It is the best thing ever! And I won’t trade it for anything else in this world. ~Jessica

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