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Mark's Testimony

I made the decision to make Jesus my Lord and Savior my freshman year of high school, when I was 15. I had grown up in a religious household, but I believed I could have a relationship with God all on my own. My perception was soon changed. My first month on the USF campus, I ran into a campus minister with Cornerstone. After expressing my interest in meeting for a Bible study, I went through a few lessons before visiting church. Once I saw how the people interacted with one another, I realized how much I needed other believers. The members were living out their lives in a way I read about in the Bible. I am very thankful that God called me here. I have been a part of Cornerstone for a little over a year now and have been on two spring break mission trips to the University of Central Florida. I have even seen one of my roommates come to know Jesus through our ministry on the campus. I have seen myself mature in my walk with the Lord and I see the value in having a body of believers supporting you every day. Being a part of Cornerstone has really taught me that God never intended for me to be alone, and He wanted me to be part of a local church since I first committed my life to Him. ~Mark

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