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Aisha's Testimony

Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up attending church. I was very active in my congregation, and I tried to do everything that I thought was the right thing to do at church. Although I was doing these “good deeds,” internally I knew I was not following the Lord. I had on a mask of being a perfect church girl, but inside I was on the throne of my own heart.

During my junior year of high school, I got invited to my friend’s youth group. I saw people my age worshipping the Lord with all their heart. At that moment, I knew that my relationship with God was definitely not the same as theirs. As weeks passed, I realized the thing that was holding me back from surrendering my life to the Lord was letting go of control in order to trust Jesus as the Lord of my heart. Then during my senior year, the pressure in my life was building so much that I felt like I could not take it anymore. I was crying out to God and wondering why I was going through this. The Lord put the verse on my heart when Jesus said in Matt. 11:30, “My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” Then, I broke down. I prayed to the Lord and repented for following my own ways and surrendered my life to Him at that moment.

The next year when I came to college, I visited Cornerstone Christian Church. Then, I started attending a Bible study on campus with a campus minister. Not only did I learn how to study the Word more in depth, but I also received discipleship to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. During my first year of college, my relationship grew exponentially due to the guidance and encouragement from the staff at Cornerstone Christian Church. Now, I am a Bible Study Leader, and the president of an on campus pro-life student group. I have also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with fellow students on our campus and other college campuses. I am thankful that the Lord has called me to this church!

- Aisha

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