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Amiee's Testimony

I have been in Cornerstone Christian Church for almost three years now, since the beginning of my freshman year. It’s amazing because I didn’t come to college looking for a church, or God really.

I am from Littleton, Colorado and came to USF as an out-of-state student looking to escape my old life. I grew up going to church. My family church-hopped a lot. I always believed and knew there was a God. I knew He made me, and loved me, and even died for me on the cross. I remember being very young when I accepted Him into my heart and having a close relationship with Him. Growing older, my parents stopped going to church. Things were always rocky, my parents fought about everything, and I never had too many friends. Things got so bad that eventually I came to the conclusion in middle school that God didn't care about me, a little hurting girl from a deaf family. When high school started, I decided to go back to church on my own and ended up rededicating my life to God. However, I struggled to find Christian friends and I just settled for the friends that would accept me. In doing so, I compromised my walk with God.

Coming to college God was pursuing me. I was stopped with a survey from Cornerstone and was invited to church. I remember stepping into the sanctuary and feeling like I was home. I was blown away, when I saw people my age praising God. I saw that I wasn’t alone and that I could be a Christian and have friends that loved Jesus. I started doing a Bible study with some of the girls from church, who were such great examples to me. I began to receive discipleship and learned how to walk out a continually surrendered life to the Lord. Soon, I became a member of Cornerstone, got plugged into a small group and I became a Bible Study Leader. This gave me the confidence to share the love of Christ to my peers. I learned to be a friend to those who didn't have friends. I am currently pursuing God’s call on my life as a sign language interpreter. I am really excited to see God move in my future and how He will be glorified in the deaf community.

- Amiee

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