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Growing up, I didn’t know much about God or anything about the Bible. My family and I rarely went to church. The few times that we did attend, I wasn’t interested in being there at all. I heard about Jesus and how He was crucified on the Cross and was resurrected, but I didn’t understand what that meant. As I got older, there were moments where I wanted to know more about the Bible but it just seemed overwhelming and confusing. I wasn’t even sure if I believed there was a God. So I ended up turning away from it all. I had this false sense of freedom by convincing myself that if I was not a Christian, I could live my life however I wanted and not feel guilty about it.

Coming to college, I was still content living life independently from God. Until one day, as I was walking through campus, I was stopped by a campus minister who asked me whether or not I believed that I would go to heaven if I died. In that moment, I was faced with the reality of how my decision of living separate from God meant that I would not go to heaven. I was invited to come to Cornerstone’s church service on the following Sunday, and when I attended, it was the first time that I understood the Gospel message and how it was simple for me to have a relationship with God. I prayed to give my life to the Lord Jesus that same day and agreed to have one-on-one Bible studies with the campus minister who invited me.

Through those Bible studies, I was able to learn more about what it meant to live a life surrendered to Christ and received much needed discipleship in walking out the decision that I made. Since then, I’ve matured in my walk with the Lord and have had opportunities to share the Gospel with others and even lead Bible studies myself. I am grateful to be a part of this church family and excited to see how the Lord will continue to use me.

- Stephanie

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