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I grew up in a non-Christian household. When asked, we would consider ourselves Catholic, but I never really went to church, or heard about who Jesus was. I was oblivious to what Jesus had done for me and lived my life just trying to be a good person. When I was in eighth grade, I met my best friend. The Lord was so intentional in bringing her into my life. We became close, and I realized that there was something very different about her, but without knowing about faith, I wasn't able to pinpoint what this difference was. At the same time my family was going through a tough time dealing with illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. I saw so much grace and faith through my friend at this time, again, not even knowing what that truly meant.

Years later, she invited me to her youth group. My first night attending I was in awe of everybody's sincerity, closeness in relationships, and their love for God. As I left, I knew I wanted what they all had. I continued to go every week and grew in my understanding of God and what He had done for me specifically. A couple weeks later at a worship event, everything I had learned about God came together. I understood who He was, and that He was with me through all these years preparing my heart to receive Him by meeting my best friend in that timing and revealing Himself through the miraculous works of healing I had witnessed in myself and my family. That night I prayed to repent of my sins and give my life fully to Jesus.

I was still a young Christian when I came to the University of Tampa for college. I met a campus minister and we started meeting for a weekly discipleship Bible study where I learned how to walk out the decision I made in high school. I was baptized and became a member of Cornerstone Christian Church. I have seen myself and my faith grow tremendously in my two years at UT. Now I am a Bible study leader, and have the desire to share my faith to help other young women to come to know the Lord and grow in their faith. I go out and share the Gospel with my peers on campus and have taught Bible study lessons to other students. I am also the treasurer of our student group on campus. I am thrilled to be a part of helping spread the truth on campus through my involvement at Cornerstone. I am so excited to continue to follow Jesus' call on my life to bring Him all the glory!

- Bri

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