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Jaylon at his baptism last spring.

As a young person I didn’t quite really grasp the importance of church, I just saw it more as a religious duty. The basis of my faith was weak at that time. I thought by going to church, being a kind person to people and by not committing many sins I would to go to heaven. Before going to college, I got into an argument with my mom. At the next church service I responded to an altar call, but it was mainly to please her. It was in the form of worldly sorrow in which I wasn’t sorry to God for my sins, but rather sorry for offending my mom.

After I left to go to college, I was looking for a church to go to because growing up I knew from my parents how important it was. One day I came across a minister from Cornerstone Christian Church who was handing out surveys about getting involved in Bible studies. I was interested so I accepted this invitation. I soon began a weekly Bible study with him and another student who was already a part of Cornerstone. After discovering what the Bible actually said about repentance, I saw how far I was from God and knew I needed to repent, so on February 22nd, 2017, I gave my life to the Lord.

Now I am a Bible study leader in Cornerstone. I lead two Bible studies and in one of them my friend prayed to gave his life to the Lord as well! I recently went on my first spring break mission trip to the University of Florida and it was amazing. Sharing the Gospel on the UF campus and leading people to Jesus over there was really awesome and life changing. During that trip, God really helped me build my faith. I have a desire to pursue God more than ever, get into His word and be around people of God where we could build each other up in faith. My relationship with God has developed to where I can actually hear from Him as a Father. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me. God has already done so much in my life and I can’t wait to be used by Him more.

- Jaylon

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