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Curtis is a gifted leader who starts friendships everywhere he goes. He is intentional about sharing his faith in Jesus and will be helping us meet the incoming freshman class this month. Here is his story:

"I grew up with my Dad and my Grandma in Tallahassee, Florida. When my Grandma went to church, everyone in her house had to go to church. Also, every time I wanted to go outside, my Grandma or my Aunt would make me read a Bible verse before I could leave. My aunt and grandma would intercede for me to come to know God. When I was 14 years old, my Aunt passed away due to illness and shortly afterward my Grandma passed away due to the heartbreak of losing her daughter. This left me with no one to pray for me on a daily basis and left a yearning in my heart to come to know Jesus on my own. I wanted to build a mature relationship with Jesus. I was in my room when I opened randomly to a passage in the Bible and it opened to Judges 5:31. While reading this, God illumined to me that being born again was just like the sun at dawn, it would only get better as I learned the love that He had for me. After reading this was the moment when I gave my life to Jesus. He answered the prayers my Grandma and Aunt had prayed for me years prior.

After I was saved, I was slow to grow due to not being planted in a church. I graduated High School and received acceptance letters to Florida and to the University of South Florida. I couldn’t decide between the two so I toured both of them. The University of South Florida instantly felt like home and I knew this was the place the Lord was leading me to pursue Mechanical Engineering.

Shortly after I got on campus, my friend Amir from Tallahassee introduced me to Cornerstone. I started doing Bible studies with a campus minister and Amir that semester. That Bible study allowed me to receive a foundation in the Word that I never had back in Tallahassee. I was able to understand the importance of being in the Body of Christ. After this Bible study, I became rooted deeply in fellowship and became a member of Cornerstone. I matured in my walk, my spiritual gifts began to show more, and my most prominent one was leadership. I became the Cornerstone Student Fellowship secretary and helped plan and coordinate events for the student body at USF that would be an example of genuine fellowship in Christ. The following year I was chosen as the president of the club. I continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus with brothers and sisters in Christ alongside me. I am prospering in my Mechanical Engineering classes and love sharing the Gospel on campus as well. I'm very grateful that the Lord led me to a church that believes in God and His Word."


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