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At the age of 5 my parents separated, and my brothers and I went to live with my father. After this, I had a rough relationship with my mom. Since she identified as a Christian, and my father was an atheist, I quickly began to associate Christianity with bad, and atheism with good. It was not until I started at USF that I made my first devout Christian friend, and he invited me to join him at church one morning. That one morning turned into many mornings, and then I started Bible studies. It was at these Bible studies that I truly began to understand the Word of God, and it was everything that I told myself that it was not. Over time, the resentment that I held on to was broken down and instead I yearned for a relationship with God.

On February 17th of this year, we had communion at church, and I decided to give my life to the Lord. Then a week later I was baptized, and soon after that I became a member of Cornerstone. I was experiencing transformation in parts of my life that I did not even realize needed change, and every day it felt like miracles were being performed just for me. Since then, I’ve been able to share the Gospel, help in Bible studies, and even help lead others to the Lord. God’s purpose for me is great, and I look forward to carrying out His will every day, glorifying Him in all that I do.


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