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Growing up, I never went to church or knew about Jesus. I did have an uncle who shared Bible stories with me when I was young but after I graduated from USF and became an engineer, I had an atheistic

roommate who loved to argue. Sandwiched between these two, was me. My conclusion was that I would read the Bible myself.

I began reading it every day. During that time, I had a really intense dream and when I awoke, I was convinced that God was real and that He was reaching out to me. Then I ran into an old friend named Austin. We caught up and he told me what God had been doing in his life. At the time I didn’t understand it but a few months later I texted Austin and asked if we could do a Bible study. Through that Bible study and going to church at Cornerstone I heard about the consequences of my sin and about the power of Jesus’s love and sacrifice for me. Knowing this, I could not reject it. I gave my life to the Lord in November of last year.

I became a member of Cornerstone and had the chance to go to UF on a spring break outreach and lead two guys to the Lord! I have also witnessed to many people who work with me and I feel that God has put me there with His favor. I am so thankful for what God has done and will continue to do as I follow Him.

~ David

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