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Max ( Center)

Back in Fall of 2018 I was required as an incoming student to go through orientation in order to understand the college life. I spent the day walking around campus, making friends and memorizing the facilities. After lunch, I was politely asked to take a survey and I agreed since I thought “Oh, I’ll just be nice.” The first question racked my mind and struck me off guard: “At this point in your life, do you believe you will go to heaven when you die?” This is the part where I tell you that I had no idea. I had made many mistakes in my life and I never felt free from those, so I answered “No.” I had no Christian background. My parents were separated. My father was an atheist. My mother encouraged me as a child to go to church, but I never did. So, when the opportunity arose just to learn about what the Bible actually had to say I was interested.

When I came back to start school, I was stopped again by another minister who asked if I wanted to take the survey. My major is in statistics, so I politely refused since I didn’t want to mess up the “sample data.” The Lord wasn’t going to let me off the hook that easily because then he asked if I had a moment to talk about what I thought of it all. We had a great conversation. That Sunday I found myself in church for the first time of my own volition and it was wonderful. The following week I attended a BBQ put on by the Cornerstone student group. There, the minister and I started talking more about God. We moved over to a café and actually opened up a Bible. In only 30 minutes I saw what Jesus did for me and I realized I wanted to put my trust in Him right away!

After that moment, the grace of God has led me to become a better man, a better student, and a diligent steward of my time which God has given to me. I have discovered new promises from the Bible and God has started to change me as I leave behind the old way of living and embrace the life Christ died to give me. I love learning new things from the Bible and I am continually blessed by who it says I am. When I fail, I no longer turn towards despair or my own hurt. Now I turn towards Jesus because I am a son of God. I love the Lord. I love my new life with Him. I am learning to rule my life with His guidance through His word and I am empowered. It is the gift of deliverance He gave me that has forever changed my...everything! ~Max

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