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When I first came to college, I never thought my life would change in the way that it did. It all began when I met a campus minister on move in day, and he asked me to fill out a survey. I come from a church background, and I attended a private Catholic high school for four years. However, my relationship with Christ was never where it needed to be. My first semester of college I made hanging out with friends and being around the men’s basketball team a priority over God.

During my first semester, I was never consistent with the times I was supposed to meet up for the Bible study and would make excuses not to come. This went on until the end of the first semester in December. However, over the Christmas break, I realized that I wanted to form a relationship with Christ. That is when I decided to be serious about pursuing God.

That spring semester, I met for a Bible study weekly and even twice a week sometimes. As we did the Bible studies, the campus minister began inviting other believers to join us, and one week Grant and Ham joined. Ham shared his testimony with me, and every word he said just hit my heart. I truly felt like God was speaking to me, and on March 21st I knew that I was ready to repent and put my trust in Christ.

It has been the best decision that I have ever made. My life has a greater purpose than it has ever had, and I now have a spiritual family to rely on. The greatest part about the journey, is seeing how when my life changed, it also changed the lives of those around me. I am so thankful because I know that whatever I do in life it will be for God’s purpose and for the glory of His kingdom. ~Luchiano

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