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I grew up in a religious home where I knew about God, but didn’t really have a relationship with Him at all. My family routinely went to church each Sunday and volunteered as often as they could, but I always felt indifferent to the idea of it all. I called myself Christian without really knowing what that meant; I never considered how relational of a God He is and how He knows and loves me so deeply.

The summer before I came to USF, I was undergoing a lot of transitions. I was moving to Florida where none of my family lived, my dad was deploying for a year, and my boyfriend at the time had just gone off to basic training for the Army. I was nervous to say the least, and as an introvert I was fearful that I would have a hard time building a life and building relationships with new people. That summer, however, my mom and I had a lot of great conversations about the Lord and suddenly there was a switch in my heart that led me to wanting to find a church that would root me in a life led by God. The first weekend I was in Florida, I came to Cornerstone, walked in, and found a spot near the front (so unlike me). When worship began I was so overwhelmed with the presence of God. It was something I had never really experienced before and my heart longed for more. I found myself jumping into a Bible study. Studying the word brought me to a place of repentance and faith and I was born again in October of 2018! A few weeks later, I was baptized, and walking out a new life according to His word.

I have grown so much in my relationship with God and have already seen Him accomplish so much for me, including freeing me of sins that caused shame and guilt, along with creating sweet friendships that build me up in Christ. I have also had the opportunity to join Cornerstone’s Student Bible Study Leaders. Learning to teach Bible studies has not only been a great opportunity to help evangelize and disciple young women on campus, but also helped me to grow as a young Christian. Sharing what Jesus accomplished on the cross, and my testimony, with girls who are hungry for the Lord has been a great experience. Life with Jesus has been so sweet!

- Chloe

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