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For the first twenty-one years of my life,

my relationship with God was pretty stagnant. I was accepted to USF’s summer program. After arriving, one of the first things to happen was my mom encouraging me to find a church and sending me a text with a link to Cornerstone’s website. I never opened it. My own desires caused me to be living a worldly life that always left me unsatisfied. Later in the semester on my way to the hub, I ran into Chris and a student from Cornerstone sharing the gospel. I had a level of interest, but I still wanted to live my life my own way. Feelings of anxiety and loneliness continued until I decided, for the first time, to read some notecards with Bible verses my mom had written for me. That night I read my Bible for the first time in years and God’s love started to comfort me.

During the Fall semester, I ran into another student from Cornerstone who was

doing surveys and he asked me to fill it out. We began doing Bible studies in my apartment. One of the guys leading it gave the analogy that there is a throne that sits on top of your heart, who is the one in that seat? That day, Jesus became the One sitting on that throne. Since that day, my relationship with God and the church has only continued to grow. By praying and hearing with faith, God has set a fire and passion in my heart for Him, His kingdom, and His will for me; which He has revealed to be full-time ministry. God has already done such amazing work in my life in such a short time that I cannot wait to see what He has in store for me in the decades to come. ~ Dan


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