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I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of South Florida. I came

here as a freshman in the fall of 2019 and was avidly searching for a church. I had grown up in a church, and shortly before my arrival at USF, I began to draw nearer to God with a desire to pursue Him. One day on campus, I was locking my bike up when I heard a guy whistling. It turns out that he was trying to get his buddy’s attention but I, unaware of this and curious, whistled back. That was the day I met a minister from Cornerstone. Through the coming months, we did many Bible studies, and I got to ask a lot of questions. The Gospel was explained to me in a way that I never experienced before, and I knew that my life was changing. During these few years in the church, I have grown exponentially in my walk with God, at a far greater pace than ever in my life. I became a member, was baptized, and became an usher in the church services. I was growing in my faith, especially in the area of fellowship. At first, I was fairly shy to meet new people, but as time prolonged, my excitement to spend time with fellow believers grew significantly. I started saying “Yes,” to events, dinners, and hang-out times. I learned a LOT of new names and solidified my vision for my future. I also became a Bible study leader and have had the awesome opportunity to preach the Gospel to fellow students. This time of fellowship, in the church has brought many good memories, and it seems like it is just the beginning. The memories that God has for me in the future are waiting for me, and it brings me so much joy to be around my family in this church.



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