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I’m an international student from Vietnam and I was born into a devout

Buddhist family. I also had a few Christian friends and family members in my life. As a result, I was exposed to some of the Bible and concepts from it. However, I was still unsure if God even existed and, if so, which belief about Him was correct. As I grew up, negative events in my life, along with moving away from my family to study in the United States, pushed me far away from the Buddhist faith and into a very worldly lifestyle. I kept asking myself: “Khai, are you living your life for a purpose? Were you given a precious chance to be born, just to throw it away?”

While walking on campus during my sophomore year, I was stopped by a campus minister from Cornerstone and was asked several questions about my beliefs. Although I self-identified as an atheist, those questions struck my heart. “Will I go to heaven or hell after I die? Do I deserve heaven?” These thoughts prompted me to join my first Bible study. I started to see who Jesus was in Scripture, and He started to open my eyes to the truth of the Gospel. Rather than harbor anger and hatred in my heart from the past, Jesus offered me an opportunity to repent and trust Him. I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to surrender my life to Jesus on December 1st, 2020.

I tried to resist God drawing me to Himself, but God didn’t stop pursuing me! Now that I’ve been following Jesus for a few months I’ve noticed many changes in my life. The more I walk out this new relationship I have with Christ, the more I find I want to know Him. I’ve been learning to forgive just as God has forgiven me. The anger I’ve had toward others from my past has been healed by Jesus. I’m so thankful for my new relationship with Christ and the church family He has given me here at Cornerstone.



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