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Before I got saved, I was a wreck. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety,

drinking excessively and had extreme social insecurity. I was a very average student and was both very angry and bitter for many reasons. I was also an atheist. My life was heading in the wrong direction.

One day, I was on the USF campus walking towards my dining hall when I met one of Cornerstone’s ministers. He asked if I could answer a few questions that he was asking students. It turned into a healthy conversation about what it meant to have a relationship with God. This minister also showed me that because of my sin, I needed Jesus to repair me and be the Lord of my life. We decided to start doing Bible Studies together. For the next 4 months, he and his friends (who have now become my friends) faithfully sowed the word of God and its truth into my heart. I was questioning myself about doing the Bible studies, but they were extremely patient with me and always did their best to sow the Word. Eventually, we got to the end of the semester, and I went back home for the summer. I still hadn’t decided to give my life to Jesus even though I felt God moving on my heart. However, God kept revealing Himself more and more through His power and His Word. I realized that this Bible study had helped me have a heart that started to deeply receive the Word of God. I was so thankful for this minister’s faithfulness, patience and diligence with me. Finally, on June 22, 2019, I gave him a call to pray with him and surrender my whole life to Jesus.

Ever since then, he and all the body of Christ have always been there for me. God really used Cornerstone to build me up. Now that I have a healthy relationship with God and the body of Christ, I am more secure socially. I have been healed of many hurts in my heart and body and am now walking out the call of God for my life in a profound way. God is taking many sins, scars and insecurities out of my life and giving me strength, holistic health and blessings. I have experienced the love of a Father and I could not have gotten there if Cornerstone’s ministry wasn’t so faithful and anointed.



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