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When I was about 3 years old, I started having febrile seizures. During one of them, I was hospitalized for several days. With the seizure, I also had a fever that was so high the doctor said there was a big possibility of brain damage. Through this hard time, my parents prayed for me continually. My mom tells me that she gave her life to Jesus, and put my life into the Lord’s hands. Praise the Lord, I recovered a few days later and the doctor reported there was no brain damage! My mom has often shared this testimony with me, and I believe it began/birthed a love in my heart for Jesus and showed me just how powerful He is.

As I grew up, my parents and I always believed in God, and they like to read the Bible occasionally and attend church occasionally. Over the years, we did some Bible studies together and enjoyed them, but we never found a church where we could get connected.

I came to the United States as an International student from Bolivia in the Fall of 2019. When I arrived at USF, God put in my mind that I needed find and join a church. This was an urge I never had before and something I had not done back home. During my second week on campus, I was leaving the dining hall to head back to my dorm and I met two campus ministers, both of whom have been like angels in my life. They invited me to church with them at Cornerstone and asked me if I was interested in doing Bible studies with them. My immediate reply was “Yes!” This was something I had been looking forward to since coming to the U.S. and I knew it was something that God wanted for me. As we met for Bible studies, I could really sense the presence of God. I also sensed His comfort because even though I was so far from home and my family, I did not feel alone. As I studied the Bible, I saw what God said about my purpose and what it really meant to be in a relationship with Him. I surrendered my life to Jesus that first semester and immediately felt the difference. I feel complete in who I am in Him.

Since then, I have found peace, comfort, and unity in the church. I now feel part of a community that helps me increase my faith and reminds me every day of who I am, and what my purpose is in Christ. I know Jesus has been present throughout my life and am so thankful for how He has helped and guided me along the way. I owe all my accomplishments in life to Him, and He is the source of my strength when I need it most! ~Adriana


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