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David and Bethany

My wife Bethany and I gave our lives to Christ when we were in middle school and high school. We are both now in our final year at USF. Even though we were both Christians, we knew that God had more for us.

A new chapter began for Bethany and me when one day a campus minister stopped me and challenged me to look at how my life lined up with the Word of God. I was so convicted that I went home and called several Christian mentors that I looked up to for answers. My relationship with the campus minister did not stop there. He reached out to me and offered to do Bible studies with me one on one. He also introduced Bethany, my fiancée at the time, to his wife who is also a campus minister. As a result of the one on one discipleship that the ministers offered us, we both grew in our faith tremendously.

We had the opportunity to receive pre-marital counseling and learn God’s truths about marriage from pastors at Cornerstone. As a result, our relationship with one another and God grew the most in the last 2 months of our engagement. We had also already begun arranging a large wedding, but it wasn’t long before COVID hit and we learned that the Lord had greater plans for us. We got the opportunity to join Cornerstone, get married in the Church, and have our closest family members witness our wedding.

The new discipleship we receive here at Cornerstone has drawn us deeper in our convictions and deeper in our relationships with God. We have experienced His favor in our lives. We now rely on His Word daily for answers and instruction. We have great fellowship with other married couples and students. Bethany and I have also been equipped to teach Bible studies to our friends and family with the support of the staff at Cornerstone. We feel at home here and we will forever cherish the lifelong friendships we have made and those still to come.

~David and Bethany


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