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I grew up in a worldly town in Long Island New York. As a result, I derived

my sense of success by how well I was doing at sports, how many parties I was going to, and by my worldly relationships. It wasn’t until I saw a friend posting Scripture on his social media that I became interested in the Bible and decided to read it. I started reading in Proverbs and John , and I would go to bed scared every night because of how convicted the Word made me of my sin. I was so scared that I would end up in hell no matter what I did. Although I believed I already closed myself off from the opportunity to be loved by God, I prayed every night to be a better person and to gain wisdom. Through prayer and reading His word, my conscience began to show me my sin. I saw the power His Word had and the effect it made inside of me. Because of this I became very spiritual but lacked Christian leadership and friends. I had a very weak foundation, which led me to being susceptible to deception, and I went on a 2 year journey of trying to find the truth about God, and my purpose. When I arrived to college at Arizona State University in the middle of the Covid pandemic. I relied on myself to find friends and handle school, while putting my relationship with God and the Bible on the back burner. I soon found myself in sin with habits that were hard to break. It wasn’t until my third semester at ASU that I met a pastor named Evan, from a local church on campus. Evan shared the Gospel with me, and after meeting every week for an entire semester, he helped answer all of my questions. Studying the Bible showed me that my sin was keeping me separate from God and His purpose for me. It wasn’t until I was home in New York, though, that I called Evan and prayed with him to surrender my life to Jesus. My family then moved from New York to Florida, where I was able to connect with Cornerstone because of a relationship Evan had with one of the pastors of Cornerstone. I went on my first mission trip with Cornerstone shortly after, and I was able to see the power of sharing the Gospel with college students just like myself. I was blessed to share the Gospel with a student (Charles) very similar to myself, see him get saved, join our church, and become one of my best friends. The power of God has changed my life and given me the courage and strength to overcome every obstacle in front of me. I am now in a position to hear from God and be used however He would like. I couldn’t be more grateful for Jesus and His blood, and for those who showed me what it is to live as a disciple. ~ Dominic

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