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I did not think anything was missing in my life.

I was satisfied with my walk with God as a Muslim. I was passionate about Islam; I performed all my daily

prayers and rituals. I also did curricular activities like reading self-help books and watching motivational videos. These were a source of hope for me. However, I realized I still felt alone, hurt, burdened by my past experiences, and trying to find who I was. In 2019, I came to the University of South Florida from Nigeria as a freshman. I met a campus minister from Cornerstone at a barbecue event they hosted on campus. I shared my love for Islam hoping that one day she could also convert, ironic, isn’t it?

Growing up my father was a Muslim, and my mom was a Christian. So, I was always curious about understanding Christianity. A series of events happened in my childhood- where I kept on praying about what religion to be a part of. Since my mother is a Christian, I did not have any ills about Christianity; in fact, I enjoyed

reading the Bible. Although, I still had a lot of false beliefs about the Bible which I realized while going through the Bible study at USF. Week after week they taught me what the Bible said and who Jesus was. Jesus began to reveal Himself to me and I felt His love for me! It became very clear to me that this was real. I am thankful to say I now have the right understanding of the Gospel. I decided to surrender my life to Jesus in October 2020. I no longer feel the hurt, shame, and guilt I felt before. The peace and joy I have found is incomparable to what I had as a Muslim.



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