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I grew up with parents who believe in God, and my dad even occasionally preached at our local church. They took me pretty often as a kid. Although I thought the idea of God was sort of cool, I was never really interested in going to church. I ended up pretty much rejecting God during high school, and I fell into some immorality because of that. I had no real desires or ambitions for going to college but since that’s what I thought people do… off I went.

One day as I was leaving one of my lectures I was stopped by a person from Cornerstone. We talked for a while about God and faith, and he invited me to church. I went sort of begrudgingly, but for some reason I found myself wanting to keep going. I started participating in Bible studies and other activities. One night, I was sitting alone in my apartment going through that Bible study. It was talking about the difference between worldly and Godly sorrow, and it finally clicked for me. There was Someone out there Who, despite being completely good in a way that no human, and certainly not I for that matter, could match, loved me so much that He decided to be sacrificed on the Cross to save me from my sin. No amount of feigned indifference could shield me of that sort of realization, and so I decided to give my life to Him and trust in what He had already done.

Since then, I began to go out and share the Gospel with other students on campus and have helped to teach Bible studies. It was hard at first, as a more introverted person. The idea of doing most of those things normally would make me anxious, but I had a desire at that point to share about Jesus with others, and so I did. At this point, most of the activities that before brought me anxiety now bring me joy, and pretty much all of my closest friends are people I met while following the Lord. ~Isaiah


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