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Growing up, I lived in a Christian household, went to a Christian school, and

attended church each Sunday. I very much grew up as a “church kid,” constantly learning about God and I accepted Jesus at a young age. Moving into high school, however, I stopped being intentional in building any relationship with God. Everything I had learned up to that point was more so knowing about God rather than actually knowing Him and His impact in my life.

Going through high school, I began to experience anxiety, a lack of confidence, and this “lost” feeling I couldn’t shake. I noticed my relationship with God wavering, and as life continued to get harder, throwing constant curveballs, I came to the realization that I needed a much stronger relationship with Him. I made the decision to get connected with a Bible study or church group as soon as I could once I arrived at USF.

Sure enough, God had a plan and put a campus minister from Cornerstone in my path the same day I prayed to find a group. We started up a weekly Bible study that we continued all year even through the pandemic. Not long after, I joined a men’s small group and got baptized at the beach with them. Over this past year I had the incredible opportunity to grow with these wonderful, Godly men who have constantly been giving me guidance with my walk with Christ. Despite the circumstances 2020 brought, I have learned that through hardship Christ shines brighter than ever. I am so grateful that God restored my relationship with Him and answered my prayer for a church family.”



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