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I was raised in a Christian household, where we went to church every Sunday and prayed before dinner and read the Bible when we were supposed to, like at advent or Easter.

Despite my upbringing, I ambled through high school with no idea about what living for Christ truly looked like. I went to youth group and all the summer camps, I had my little group of Christian friends, I even stood up for the Lord against my atheist friends on one or two occasions. I wasn’t, however, living for Christ. I was living for myself.

Coming to USF, I knew I had to get involved with a church. I’d been going to church my whole life, I wasn’t going to quit now. God led me to meet a student from Cornerstone at my orientation and, a few days later, I also happened to connect with a campus minister from the same church. I then began a Bible study with the two of them. Through that Bible study, I came to realize that I was not only not saved, but I was also not living for Christ. I’d spent my whole life proclaiming to be a Christian, but I had no idea how to have a relationship with God. However, God was with me, of course, and He immediately forgave me. I’m honestly crying right now just thinking about it, about how lost I was and how much grace He has bestowed on me.

I gave my life to the Lord in September of this past year, as I bawled at a picnic table with some wonderful ladies around me. The change was immediate. I wanted to read the Bible, rather than slogging through it only when I felt like it. I looked at my friendships differently, at my relationships with my family members differently, and I am so grateful at the way God stepped in to change my life.

I’ve got no one to thank but the God who loved me first, before I even knew who He was. Thanks be to God for all I’ve been given, and all glory to Him!



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