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Before I was saved, I was not in the best mental health. I was doing drugs and drinking a lot. While in high school I felt I had no purpose and only had fleeting moments of happiness when getting high or drunk. I was a non-believer and could care less if I lived or died because of the loneliness and depression I felt in the world. I was also full of pride in all the things I attained. The only goal in my mind was to be better and more successful than other people. Not only was I prideful but I was quick-tempered, angry, and wrathful.

I began to open my mind to a higher purpose because of all the evil I had seen in the world. My faith began to rise because of the testimonies I had heard on the internet. Once my mind had opened up to the truth of a higher power it soon became obvious the Lord was calling me to Himself. This was only three days into the spring semester of 2023. I met a student named Maurizio who asked me to fill out one of the surveys that Cornerstone does. After this, I began to do Bible studies with one of the ministers on campus and began to fully believe in the truth of the Bible. About a month after first meeting Maurizio and starting a Bible study I gave my life to Jesus. This was after seeing all that He has done for me, even after I had been forsaking Him for all this time.

Since then, I have been filled with immense love and joy through each day. I get to wake up and praise God. Along with this, Christ has been transforming me through the power of His Spirit to stop doing drugs and excessively drinking. He is also pushing me towards the amazing purpose of being transformed into a humble servant under His rule as my Lord. Now every day as I walk with God and put my faith in Him, instead of myself, He gives me love, happiness, peace, and patience.

- Matthew Chang


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