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Even the fact that I was born was a direct result of God’s intervention.

My mom suffered from pre-eclampsia two months before I was due. She went to lay down and my dad found her when she had completely stopped breathing. My dad cried out to God and my mom started breathing. She was rushed to the hospital and I was born. I weighed 3lbs, 2oz (my Chihuahua weighs more!). When I was small, again God manifested His healing power.

I had accidentally sliced my left thumb down to the bone. My grandma, a missionary, prayed for me “In the name of Jesus” and He healed me completely without even a drop of blood.

With experiences like that, there was no doubt that God was real and that Jesus was God. I grew up in church and in a Christian home. I wish we could end the story there and say everything was amazing. However, I had no relationship with God, relied on the merits of my own works, lived in sin, and was an absolutely arrogant bear to be around. Thankfully, in college, God took a needle to my air-filled head and sent a campus minister. He patiently maintained a friendship with me for three years. By God’s mercy, I realized that even though I believed in

God, I was living for myself. I saw my need for repentance and gave my heart to the Lord in a Zoom Bible study in the fall of 2020. The following February, I joined the church and have enjoyed godly fellowship with people at Cornerstone. I’m being trained to share the Gospel and I’m excited to share what Jesus has done in my life with the students at FGCU this Spring Break. I can say honestly that my life is God’s.

- Nathan


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