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I gave my life to the Lord in January of 2018. Before then, I had experienced

Alysa & Samantha

hardening trials that discouraged me, corrupted me, and took away the last of my strength. I was a junior in high school with great grades and a good academic future, but I was mentally and spiritually broken. I was in a worldly place surrounded by worldly things and people. However, even though I was far from God, He reached me at my lowest time when others had abandoned me. I was suicidal and attempted to take my life, but the Lord ministered to me. He fought the powers overcoming me and defeated them on the cross. That day, I believe the Lord died in my place as I surrendered my life to Him. Since then, I’ve been healed, restored, and cared for. The Lord showed me love, and made me feel worthy to be loved.

When I first came to college, I was worried about how my relationship with God would be affected. However, a campus evangelist from Cornerstone came and gave me a survey during my orientation and introduced me to Bible studies. Soon after beginning the Bible studies, I was baptized and joined as a member of the church. I have experienced God’s plan for me in His family.

A year into church membership, I became well-equipped to serve, and I matured in my gifts. I became an effective witness. In my newfound happiness, I testified to my friends of all the good the Lord had done in my life. One of my best friends, Alysa, had a soft heart and open ear to hearing my testimony. She developed a love for God and received salvation through Christ in her own surrender to Him. Alysa was saved in September, 2020 and soon after was baptized. We both are now members of Cornerstone Christian Church at USF. In being edified by the church, welcomed and integrated in the body of Christ, and through studying the Bible, I myself have become a Bible Study Leader with Cornerstone. I am eager to continue my journey with God and His church. Truly, I have become a new creation in Christ. - Samantha


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