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I did not grow up going to church on a consistent basis. However, I always knew about God and was familiar with commonly known scriptures. Once I got accepted to USF, I knew that I wanted to have a better relationship with God because I was concerned about the campus lifestyle influencing me negatively. I never got around to it though and was still living unsaved and separate from God.

Months passed and it was finally time to move in. I met a campus minister from Cornerstone on move-in day when she assisted in helping me find my dorm. Later that same week, I saw her again and filled out a survey. I mindlessly put my contact information down, thinking that I would never see or hear from her again (funny, isn’t it?). To my surprise, she reached out and I started going to Bible study.

After learning what the Bible said about what it actually means to be saved and how to be saved, I surrendered my life to Jesus in September. I got baptized shortly after. During this time I also experienced the loss of my grandmother. I was so discouraged that I was silently looking for a different school to attend because I did not have the courage to continue my time here. I was strengthened not only by God’s word but also by the church that He placed me in. I truly owe my first semester to Jesus because it was only through Him that I was able to continue and still do well. I strongly believe that I was placed here for a reason, and it was always His intention for me to find such an awesome community in Cornerstone.



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